Scientific Publications


LaScala-Gruenewald, D.E., Haggitt, T., Kelly, S., Hanns,B., and N. Shears. "Small marine reserves do not provide a safeguard against overfishing." In prep for Biological Conservation.

LaScala-Gruenewald, D.E. and M.W. Denny. “Long-term mechanistic hindcasts predict the structure of experimentally-warmed intertidal communities.” Submitted to PNAS.

LaScala-Gruenewald, D.E., Mehta, R.S., Liu, Y. and M.W. Denny. “Sensory perception plays a larger role in foraging efficiency than heavy-tailed movement strategies.” Accepted at Ecological Modelling.


LaScala-Gruenewald DE, Miller LP, Bracken M, Allen BJ, Denny MW (2016) Quantifying the top-down effects of grazers on a rocky shore: selective grazing and the potential for competition. Marine Ecology Progress Series 553:49-66. Link PDF

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